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This is a community intended for the serious and respectful discussion of animism and shamanism by dedicated spiritualists and practicioners.

- there will be few bona fide ‘shamans’ here. Most ‘shamans’ are not on the Internet. They do not call themselves ‘shamans’ depending on which culture (if any) they hail from. Our members are spiritualists, shamanists and animists.

There is no place here for:

- those who think that shamanism can be learnt in a course in which one pays money.
- those who think that ‘shamanism’ is one religion
- those who slavishly follow authors like Sun Bear and Jamie Sams
- those who practice plastic shamanism
- those who disrespectfully appropriate culture without ever seeking to understand it.
- those who only see the culture of ‘shamanism’ as a tool for personal growth only.
- those who are only interested in the way shamans used entheogens

This place welcomes:

- those who respect the land, no matter where you come from, or your walk of life
- those who respect each other, different beliefs, and the beliefs of the cultures that have educated them spiritually.
- those who are serious pathworkers, interested in discussion, sharing and learning about journeying, spirits, life and death, healing and initiation.
- those who are respectful seekers, from all walks of life, interested in learning and growing.
- those who consider themselves animists and believe in the presence of a spirit in everything.
- those who seek guidance and/or healing, or advice of healing from those who practice spiritual animism.

Walk respectfully.
Walk wisely.


Wildspeak / Vilturj - the homepage of my own site and path. Also a Forum for those so inclined.

Links to Consider

totemists - an excellent community for serious totemists, for information that goes beyond the 101. Run by therioshamanist, lupagreenwolf.

New Age Fraud and Plastic Shamans - what all those who consider themselves indebted to native cultures should know.
Native Religions and 'Plastic Medicine Men
Kondor - a site that discusses contemporary shaman. Includes forum.
Thuleheim - the writings of Yngona Desmond, a Seidi, and includes her encounters with the Saami people.