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09 February 2009 @ 04:28 pm
Bird Cards by Toerien and van Dobben

A totem card deck that focuses specifically on birds and has some fantastic artwork--review at the link above!
02 February 2009 @ 10:42 pm
Two new book reviews:

The Shamanic Witch by Gail Wood

The Art of Shapeshifting by Ted Andrews

Click the links to read the reviews!
30 December 2008 @ 12:58 am
A relevant book review:

Celtic Totem Animals by John Matthews
29 December 2008 @ 12:10 pm
I figured since cultural appropriation is a topic of interest (and controversy) among shamans, shamanists, and animists, that I could crosspost this here--please let me know if it needs removal.

Our first order of Talking About the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation arrived on the doorstep this morning! (In fact, that was the first thing Taylor told me when he woke me up today.) For more information, click the link above.

This is my very first anthology that I've edited--I'm excited at how well it turned out! Cultural appropriation is one of those things that really doesn't get broached in the neopagan community very often, and just as when I came up with the idea for this anthology last year, I'm hoping that this book will help spark some discussion.
12 December 2008 @ 01:50 pm
Another book review--expect more of these over my break. Click the link to read the full review:

Modern Shamanic Living by Evelyn C. Rysdyk
14 October 2008 @ 01:32 pm
In many indigenous cultures, an important part of being a shaman is supporting a particular community and serving in some way. There are few (if any) genuine shamans here, but that does not mean that we do not or cannot feel inspired to give back to the community.

How important is the idea of service to what you believe? Is some form of service something you aspire to? Something you practice? Something you'd like to practice? Animism or neoshamanism often carries with it a philosophy of deep respect for and sense of connection to the world around us. How does this philosophy translate into actions for you? What specific ways have you found to give back to the world around you or help your community? Is there anything you'd like to be doing that you aren't doing?

If there are any other lifestyle changes you've made because of your beliefs that don't quiet fit under the heading of service, this might be a good place to mention them too.
06 October 2008 @ 11:45 pm
Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind edited by Roszak, Gomes and Kanner

I'm posting this here because, IMO, ecopsychology is animism for Western cultures. There are countless parallels between traditional animism and ecopsych, and some ecopsychologists integrate core shamanism and other spiritual practices into their therapeutic techniques. At any rate, it's something that I think any animist should consider reading. (Click the link to read my full review.)
02 October 2008 @ 04:10 am
I'm working on a story, that involves shapeshifters, humans, and the Seelie/UnSeelie courts. Takes place in the relative future...

I am hunting information on shape shifters - not just weres, but selkies, swanmays (I know, so D&D), any creature in legend that was known to alter shape from one (animal) to another (human).

Cross posting to a few places.
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28 September 2008 @ 11:02 pm
Earthway: A Native American Visionary’s Path to Total Mind, Body and Spirit Health by Mary Summer Rain - so did I agree with those who label Mary Summer Rain a plastic shaman? Click the link to read the full review

Spiritual Tattoo: A Cultural History of Tattooing, Piercing, Scarification, Branding and Implants by John A. Rush - a really interesting in-depth look at body modifications as spiritual practices, historically and today
14 September 2008 @ 09:56 pm
Click the links to read the review:

The Shamanic Drum by Michael Drake - a core shamanic perspective on drumming, journeying and more